Producers of “Life Changing Moments!”

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. We’ve heard a song, seen a movie, watched a television show, read a book, or attended a live function that moved us with emotion–and changed our lives. The impact of that moment upon us is something that even now rushes back to our memory at the mere suggestion of it. We at are no different. In fact its why we got into the business. Life changing moments happen through great narrative. Narrative can be placed in nearly any venue and take on many different forms. But one thing remains constant, the ever desired need to be challenged, moved, and motivated. So we at are taking this challenge seriously. We are in the business of producing life changing moments. Some will make us cry, others will cause us to roar with joy, others will remind us that we have much to be thankful for, and some will even make us angry enough to do something about it. Whatever the case, here’s the promise, is here to change people’s lives!


Founded in July of 2008, Actor Stephen Baldwin and Writer/Media Personality Kevin McCullough, desired to pour into the world content that would change the life of people that they came into contact with. One significant step in doing so was the launching of the “Baldwin/McCullough Radio” show. Launching on four stations its first week, and hoping to be on fifty in roughly eighteen months, they were ecstatic to see their weekly broadcast cleared on more than 100 stations in only seven months. By the time they had been on the air a full 12 months they were closing in on 200. To date they are being carried by 213 affiliates across North America, reaching roughly 2.5 million weekly listeners.

In January of 2010, long time talk-radio veteran Kevin McCullough returned to the daily airwaves on a national platform with “The Kevin McCullough Show” reaching 500,000 daily listeners.


The simplest form of media text comes in all shapes and sizes. From the internet, blogosphere, micro-blogs, social networks, syndicated columns, guest editorials, screenplays, magazine articles, and published books, Baldwin/McCullough have done and still do it all. Four books published between the two of them as solo authors. McCullough’s 3rd book, a hardback from Thomas Nelson Publishing is slated for release in March of 2011. Baldwin is also putting the finishing touches on his third manuscript as well. In many discussions they have also pondered the idea of co-writing a book between the two of them. They have tried this on a smaller scale with guest editorials for CBS News and others, with tremendous success.


In 2010 perhaps the highest growth curve for will be the major motion picture development that occurs. Four major features ranging from high-end (Disney/Pixar level) animated family oriented films, to family friendly fare, to action/adventure films with the intensity of the Bourne Identity are all in the works. We are honored to be working with the leading edge special effects giants, screenplay writers, and treatment development talent on the planet. Each of these products will be designed with one very special purpose in mind… to change people’s lives.


In addition to recurring guest star roles on dramas like CSI, and highly competitive appearances on reality shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Big Brother UK, and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough have plans for content treatments to be brought to the small screen as well. Their internet television series, self-produced, Xtreme Bytes has been a viral hit since 2009.

“LIVE” Events:

Another huge area of expansion for in 2010 is the foray into live events. Beginning with their signature event, “The XPAC Entertainment Lounge” at CPAC in Washington DC in February, Baldwin & McCullough have since been invited to bring XPAC to both coasts. They served 2400 young adults in Washington DC and have plans for even more in years to come.

Branding Strategies:

Because of the platform that rests upon Baldwin and McCullough have developed many veins of distribution for any organization to get a message, brand, or awareness to the larger public. With a footprint the size of at one’s disposal they are also mindful of the need to use such presence for things that are good. Geo-targeting, zip-code and age demographic sortable, is capable of reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers in any given area with a five layer strategy of awareness. For more information on how you might find out what the rigorous requirements are to access this network’s footprint, be in contact by e-mail:


For media pros who are looking to take their organization, broadcast operation, or broadcast talent to another level, Baldwin and McCullough have capability and network in place to help you conquer your greatest weaknesses as an actor, news media professional, talk show talent, musical performer, or budding writer. For more information on how you can access what they know, in order to make it your knowledge as well, do not hesitate to be in contact.