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Corporate Partners & Projects

2014 Heavy Hundreds KMC ranks #31

In 2014 the editors of TALKERS MAGAZINE nominated the Kevin McCullough show as the 31st most influential radio program in the nation!


Actor Stephen Baldwin, Talk Host Kevin McCullough, & “Secret Millionaire” Dani Johnson extend efforts to feed orphans and launch DoMuchGood.com!   Hoping in April 2012 to feed more than 2012 orphans before end of the calendar year, and with more than 3600 children–who have no resources–fed for the coming year. The Coalition formerly known as […]

Fox News • Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough is a familiar face on the Fox News Network as a contributor   President meets with faith leaders to talk immigration Apr. 15, 2014 – 2:33 – Kevin McCullough and a Fox News guest Faith panel weighs in Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com   Kevin McCullough joins the panel on Fox News […]

CNN• Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin discusses his new movie Loving The Bad Man.


The nationally syndicated Baldwin/McCullough*LIVE* & The Dani Johnson Show are not only popular radio shows –But TV shows thanks to our friends at the UANetwork.TV.

2013 Heavy Hundreds KMC ranks #33

In 2013 the editors of TALKERS MAGAZINE nominated the Kevin McCullough show as the 33rd most influential radio program in the Nation!!!

Top 100 Most Influential Radio Program In America

The editors of TALKERS MAGAZINE voted to place Baldwin McCullough *LIVE* as the 98th most influential radio program in the Nation!!

Sherwood Pictures / Courageous the Movie

XreMEDIA contributed to the Radio promotions of this blockbuster movie. The film was produced with a budget of $2 million, but on its opening weekend it grossed $2 million in pre-sales alone and grossed $9.1 million total for the weekend. The film opened to mixed reviews from critics, but a rare A+ CinemaScore rating from […]

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Salem Communications

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No He Can’t by Kevin McCullough

This Special Collector’s Edition of The Book of Man has been personally Autographed by Kevin McCullough. Nationally syndicated radio talk show host and columnist Kevin McCullough tackles the thorny issue of why the audacity of hope is not found in the current path that President Barack Obama has laid. As the first pundit in the […]

Xtreme Charities

At XtreMEDIA we feel that it is our duty and privilege to help those in need with all the resources available to us. Compassion International and Samaritan’s Purse are just a couple of the charities that XtreMEDIA supports personally and professionally.  

Relativity Media / Act of Valor

XtreMEDIA’s Stephen Baldwin & Kevin McCullough gives Act of Valor a big media Push!!   Weather it was Stephen Baldwin on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Program, Kevin McCullough’s on his national radio program Baldwin/McCullough*LIVE* or Rush Limbaugh’s very influential radio show, all where discussing the new film Act of Valor by Relativity Media. FOR IMMEDIATE […]

CPAC 2012 / Speakers

Kevin McCullough and Stephen Baldwin Are regular speakers at CPAC. Addressing crowds of over 5,000 conservatives provides a platform to share their political and cultural opinions with prominent American leaders and active, concerned citizens.   See videos below of Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough at CPAC 2012 Kevin McCullough’s Speech at Cpac 2012

Ocean Avenue Entertainment / Mighty Macs Movie

  Promotion of the Mighty Macs film on the Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* Show Domestic Total Gross: $1,891,936 “The Mighty Macs” is a sweet, innocuous family movie about a young feminist who defies her husband, becomes a basketball coach and leads the team of a nearly bankrupt Catholic women’s college to the sport’s first national championship. Watch […]